The work begins to a large extent as an idea formation – as the active mind is formful in itself, prior to any external application. From given shape of thought a poetic profile emerges, first through figuration and then the body at large, in a ritual/celebratory mode and modification; and finally through Eros as one aesthetic core device. The composition tries to essentialize this approach by a simplification of means, primarily through use of lines equal or above shade and color, corresponding most clearly to ideation and though without immediate delivery of meaning, endeavors to be convincing on its own. If the space of mind speaks fundamentally as pre-existing form, my work tries to approximate this state, by evoking its figuration back to a modified origin in the viewer’s mind.

(artist’s statement)


These considerations came to me while viewing the work of Clement Jesch:

A reconfirmed perpetual reference to a universal female form configuration collecting a priori treatments from art history, essentialized and transferring it into a personal code.
For the artist, that form device is more than the obvious. It is an archetype of concept sourcing, shape inspiring and figuration unfolding. Embedded and affirmative in the code of its cultural references. Always through the centuries it inspired more than the male form referring to an origin canon which unfolds into all associative motives. Maybe a legitimate utopia of a transport of so many related ideas, concepts and that matrix which feeds the artistic process as such. 
Charles Antoine Junod, (Swiss Art Collector living in Bali, creator of the Theatre Art Gallery, Seminyak. Bali, Indonesia)


Clement Jesch was born in Fulda in Hesse/Germany.
From 1975 to 1979 he lived , painted and privately studied Art in Paris .
2 private Exhibitions in Munich 1973 at Ingrid Burnhauser and 1976 at Gondoletta Wiegand (Art Historian)
Attended the Academy of Art in Munich from 1974 to 1979. Studied with painter Guenter Fruhtrunk who was a Professor at this Academy from 1967 until 1982.
Lived and worked in San Francisco/ USA from 1980 to 2004.
Private collections at Deborah Scripps in San Francisco.
Private collections at Markus Gundermann (first violinist at the KL philharmonic)
Solo Show at the “Phnom Penh Art Cafe”, in 2007.
Solo Show at the Tembi Gallery , Jakarta, Indonesia in 2008
Solo Show in Phnom Penh at the German Cambodian Cultural Center in 2010  (Meta House)
Living and painting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia since 2005